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Do you build on sloping blocks?

Yes we do, we have quite the portfolio and high quality level of experience with building homes on uneven grounds. Big slopes, usually means even bigger views!

We are guaranteed to always have a current build on the go that is on a hill, whether it has panoramic views of the 90 mile coastline or mountain scapes of Mt Taylor, even a treetop escape nesting into Newlands Arm.
We can make the design right for you, right for the block and capture those views!

Our knowledge on-site work involved and the extremities that it takes to execute to the site condition is incomparable.
We are confident in every single build we take on in this niche and know our amazing construction crew will build each home with extensive quality and care.
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Do you have a display home?

No, we no longer have a display home.

We are custom builders and we strive to design and construct a completely unique home that is considerate of your block of land and meets your desires and needs.

We are more than happy to take you through a project we have under construction at the time. Allowing you to view our high quality craftmanships that is poured into each and every one of our builds.

Our showroom and selections display is based in our office if you are interested in seeing some of the range we offer for our homes.
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Do you do renovations?

We are new home builders and focus our attention on building brand new homes.
But, we understand how important it is to have a home that is right for you and the way you live.
So, yes we do take on a select few large-scale renovations or extensions when we are able to blend it into our construction schedule.

We are always happy to liaise in demolitions and re-builds also.

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Can you build to BAL ratings?

YES! Since the 2019-2020 bushfires, we made an avenue to focus on re-building homes and lives for the affected communities of East Gippsland.

As BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rated blocks of land continue to be evaluated across other locations in the area - that haven't as such been effected by fires, we are gathering stronger understanding at what is contributing to the rating and how we can build a home accordingly.

We strive to continue being a builder that upskills our knowledge of the BMO, BAL ratings and fire resistant building materials.

We work collaboratively with our suppliers - who not only provide us with quality material, but extensive knowledge on the production and adaptation of these resources.

Don't be deterred at the news of having a high BAL rating on your property, the team at Blay will assure you that the quality and care put into the construction of your build will protect you in the scenario of an ember attack occuring.
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Do you have a sqm rate?

As we are a custom builder - no two of our projects are ever the same, no site conditions are the same and clients will never be the same.
Therefore the reality is, no set rate for a custom home can possibly be the same.

A proper quote requires the builder to fully understand the plans, scope of work, site condition and time constraint.
Like building lego pieces, each component is priced accordingly before assembled to produce a final figure.
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I need help choosing the right block.

We know that buying a block of land can be daunting. You may also not be told about the hidden factors that can with the property that may potentially arise during a build and cause unexpected expenses.

So, we offer a 'Pre Purchase Land Inspection' service, to give you more guidance around whether or not the blocks building capability is suited for what you desire to design.
This service includes identifying whats underground and located around the property, as well as fall indication and other site features that need to be accounted for when building on the land.

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Do you have a pre-designed range of plans to select from?

As passionate modern-day builders, we don't want to have a certain type of home or price range to be our box that we can't step out of.
We are bespoke custom builders, with a drive to design different homes every single time we build.

Our goal is develop and refine a floor plan that suits the desires, needs and lifestyle for our clients. Therefore every home is its unique and independent design.