Our difference — what we include above the others...

Our difference — what we include above the others...Blay Builders housing products are, in the main, very unique and very different. Yes, there are some homes out there that look like ours, but that's where any similarity ends. We always provide that bit more.

At Blay Builders, we believe that we give you the best value for money when building a new home. Just compare some of our standard inclusions. So, let's begin from the earth up.

The Slab

If your home site is relatively flat, a concrete slab (Raft slab) may serve as the most suitable foundation. Our slabs are concrete and 100mm thick. Other builders may feel an 85mm slab is adequate or use a "waffle pod" (substituting over half the concrete with foam boxes), however we don't believe that you or your home should settle on anything less.

The Frame

Most builders use 600ml centers on the wall frame, we space our studs at 450ml centers. Providing stronger and more stable frames.

The Ceiling

Ceiling Battens are used in large open areas so there is more support to fix ceiling plaster. We install ceiling battens to the entire house.

The Installation

It is our standard to insulate under the entire roof (under roofing iron and tiles) with sisolation.

The Solar Hot Water System

Most builders only install a 160 liter (1 panel), Blay Builders standard includes a 325 liter (2 panel) solar hot water service.

The Garage Door

You get to select out of B & D Doors Premium Collection of Panelift or Roller doors. Their Premium Collection is our standard inclusion.

Fly Screens

Of course! To all our opening windows and sliding doors. We are after all Blay Builders!

The Paint

Our standard specification includes 3 coats of quality paint.

The Bathroms

We install a waterproof board (green board) behind the showers as well as apply a waterproof membrane. Most other builders apply only a waterproof paint membrane.

Stop and think!

Compare our standard inclusions against others:

  • Traditional raft slab or waffle pod
  • Sisalation under colourbond roof or pay extra
  • Ceiling Battons or pay extra
  • 450 centres or 600 centres
  • R4 ceiling insulation batts or R3.5 ceiling insulation batts
  • Dishwasher or cavity
  • 3 coats"rolled and sprayed "interiorpaint or 2 coats "sprayed" interiorpaint
  • Solar hot water service / 2 panel 325L or solar hot water service / 1 panel 160L
  • Window locks and flyscreens or pay extra
  • Opaque window glass to privacy areas or pay extra
  • Proof of energy rating compliance or query compliance

Read before you sign

If you are thinking of building, we encourage you to shop around and compare prices and products. Spend some time going through each builders' standard inclusions.

If you do the groundwork and really compare apples with apples, you will see Blay Builders offer a sweet deal — a quality product with excellent value for money.

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