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Situated on a rural property of rolling green hills in Sarsfield Victoria, anchors this extensive architectural home.

Creating a lot interest for it's
comprehensive design to be
placed in such a rural



The materialisation of dark brick, concrete render and interior cemintel panels, illustrates a relatedness to the architectural form “Brutalism” an era emerging in the 1950’s. 

The geometric elements and block form of the home tie a bold relationship to this style of architecture, whilst maintaining modern tradition.

When this family began their design process, the initial concepts were driven by the landscape… an expected structure to suit their block of land to most, would be a homestead like barn farm house. 

These so called “expectations” weren’t moral for this particular couple, and hence unfolded the development of a stronger modern architectural concept.

Evolving on connections to ego, and strong individualism. We wanted to explore a design with strong sense of character and confidence.


To be the perfect representation of the people that will live here.

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A selection of matt black finishes and hardware were the catalyst for making an refined impact in this design.

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The concrete infinity pool laps
up the surroundings and truly
sets their alfresco area as
the ultimate entertaining


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The juxtaposition of the home neatly settled onto the top of the hill, with a backdrop of bushland - holding no obstruction to the natural elements, it enhances and embraces the embodiment of nature by capturing it at each window pane and door step. 

The master wing encapsulates mountain views from the bath to the custom fabricated grand panoramic corner window by LEGG Windows.