Casa Blanco

Amongst gum trees and a peaceful coastal breeze, this blissful crisp white home is a modern yet effortless dreamy casa blanco.
(spanish for white house)

With attention to detail being the core focus of the entirety of the build, minor adjustments, additions, variations, & architectural adhesion was added.
Transforming this space into a beautiful, refined and finished home.

White being the main driver for the colour palette sharply contrasted with black accents - as well as timber finishes to add warmth and textural depth.
Plus of course, that incredible reclaimed red brick fire place to spice everything up.


We know you all want to know more about the stunning craftsmanship that went into the cabinetry designs, that cohesively band together throughout the spaces.

The team at High Profile Cabinetry executed all the joinery to a whole other level of amazing!

Every element of the design and profile is crisp and clean, down to the seamless brass pull handles, a lux finish to the cabinetry. 

The divine Terrazzo Tile Splashback in the kitchen has made the home feel super boujee and bold. It's the details like this in the design that you risk but never regret. 

Here is your sign to just go for it and make that scary design decision because it will definitely pay off!